Mostar - Bosnia

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IMG_6762 Old Town Mostar
IMG_6763 Mosque
IMG_6765 A Big Thumbs Up for Bosnian Wine
IMG_6766 Veggie Stew at the Sadrvan restaurant
IMG_6767 Yannick's grilled meat and veggie feast fit for a king !
IMG_6768 Tara Tower of Stari Most
IMG_6771 Stari Most (Old Bridge) was completely destroyed in the war and rebuilt in 2004 using the original plans
IMG_6776 Pasha Mosque
IMG_6796 Looking towards the Turkish side of Mostar
IMG_6807 Old Town Mostar
IMG_6814 Road from Pension Rose towards Old Town
IMG_6818 Catholic Church
IMG_6819 This sign was on several buildings reminding would-be explorers of the potential dangers
IMG_6820 Old Town Mostar
IMG_6821 Mosque
IMG_6823 Art Work in Old Town
IMG_6824 Old Town
IMG_6826 West Entrance to Stari Most
IMG_6827 Looking north from the bridge
IMG_6829 Crossing the bridge to the Turkish Side
IMG_6830 Looking south from the bridge towards Pasha Mosque
IMG_6831 West Bank
IMG_6834 Copper work is done on the Turkish side
IMG_6835 Stari Most
IMG_6836 Getting ready to take the plunge ! The divers work in groups of 2 or 3, one gets ready to dive after the others have collected enough cash
IMG_6837 After the bridge was destroyed in Nov 1993, it took over 10 years to be rebuilt
IMG_6838 Museum of Hercegovina
IMG_6839 Museum of Hercegovina - Wood carved door
IMG_6842 This large white cross is high up on a hill over Mostar. It is said to have been put up facing the Muslim side in order to annoy them
IMG_6843 Mostar
IMG_6845 Graveyard where all the dates are from 1993-1994
IMG_6847 Cemetery
IMG_6849 Turkish House
IMG_6851 Turkish House
IMG_6855 Stari Most - View from restaurant
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