Bosnia Villages

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IMG_6985 Tekija - Dervish monastery
IMG_6988 Tekija - Dervish monastery (16th century)
IMG_6991 Cave outside the monastery
IMG_6995 I said
IMG_6996 Tekija - Dervish monastery
IMG_6997 Outside the monastery
IMG_6998 Outside the monastery
IMG_7000 Outside the monastery
IMG_7001 Buna River at the monastery
IMG_7004 Village of Blagaj on the Buna River
IMG_7005 Outside the monastery
IMG_7007 Pocitelj - about 25 km south of Mostar
IMG_7008 Pocitelj - Clocktower
IMG_7009 Pocitelj - Clocktower (cannot be visited)
IMG_7011 Pocitelj - the tiny town streets wind along the mountain side
IMG_7012 Pocitelj was heavily damaged during the war but is almost fully restored
IMG_7013 View from Pocitelj
IMG_7014 Pocitelj - Dadzi-Alija mosque
IMG_7016 Pocitelj - behind Dadzi-Alija mosque
IMG_7017 Pocitelj - ruins behind the Dadzi-Alija mosque
IMG_7018 Pocitelj
IMG_7019 Pocitelj - Dadzi-Alija mosque
IMG_7020 Pocitelj - Dadzi-Alija mosque
IMG_7022 Pocitelj - Clocktower
IMG_7024 Pocitelj - Clocktower
IMG_7025 Pocitelj - Dadzi-Alija mosque
IMG_7028 Pocitelj - Clocktower
IMG_7031 Pocitelj - Dadzi-Alija mosque
IMG_7032 Pocitelj
IMG_7033 Pocitelj - View from above
IMG_7036 Pocitelj
IMG_7045 Kravice Waterfalls
IMG_7048 Cooling off at Kravice Waterfalls
IMG_7061 Kravice Waterfalls
IMG_7073 Kravice Waterfalls
IMG_7075 Kravice Waterfalls
IMG_7078 Kravice Waterfalls
IMG_7081 Kravice Waterfalls
IMG_7084 Kravice Waterfalls
IMG_7085 Kravice Waterfalls
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