Dubrovnik - World Cup and Apartment

IMG_7121 Les Bleus in Dubrovnik
IMG_7122 You wanna head butt ?
IMG_7125 Bring on the Italians !
IMG_7127 Dinner and a World Cup final
IMG_7128 Allez les Bleus !
IMG_7129 I caved and got another flag on my face
IMG_7130 Our french face painting neighbors
IMG_7132 The Italians were next door
IMG_7133 Allons ! Enfants de la Patrie ! (La Marseillaise, French National Anthem)
IMG_7136 Les Bleus
IMG_7139 Silver medals, not the expected outcome
IMG_7142 View from our apartment
IMG_7147 View from our apartment
IMG_7149 Our beautiful apartment
IMG_7151 Diningroom
IMG_7152 Kitchen
IMG_7153 Dining and Living rooms
IMG_7155 Bedroom
IMG_7157 Bath
IMG_7159 Balcony with view from the bedroom
IMG_7160 Balcony
IMG_7161 View from our apartment
IMG_7165 Patio
IMG_7168 Stairs leading down from the apartment
IMG_7169 and up
IMG_7177 Our next purchase
IMG_7418 Croatian Aperitifs