Dubrovnik, Croatia

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IMG_7178 Fort Bokar
IMG_7179 Rocky coastline
IMG_7180 Fort Bokar
IMG_7181 Outside the Pile entrance to the Old Town
IMG_7182 Outside Pile Gate
IMG_7183 Pile Gate
IMG_7184 Pile Gate
IMG_7185 Pile Gate
IMG_7187 Pile Gate
IMG_7189 Fountain of Onofrio
IMG_7190 Entrance to the City Walls
IMG_7191 St Sauveur church
IMG_7193 Francisan Monestary
IMG_7194 Francisan Monestary
IMG_7196 Trying to balance without touching the wall (I dont know what this tradition means)
IMG_7197 Pieta above the Francisan Monestery
IMG_7198 Old Town Dubrovnik
IMG_7200 Narrow Streets of Dubrovnik
IMG_7201 Looking down the Placa
IMG_7203 Old Town Dubrovnik
IMG_7206 Clock Tower
IMG_7207 Saint-Blaise
IMG_7208 City Hall ?
IMG_7209 Sponza Palace
IMG_7210 Sponza Palace
IMG_7212 Port
IMG_7213 Port
IMG_7214 Port
IMG_7216 Port
IMG_7222 View from the ramparts
IMG_7223 Getting the fireworks ready for the big show
IMG_7226 City Walls
IMG_7227 City Walls
IMG_7228 Rooftops - Pre and Post War
IMG_7230 View from City Walls
IMG_7232 City Walls
IMG_7233 View from City Walls
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