Peljesac Pennisula, Croatia

IMG_7572 Colorful liquers all made by one woman
IMG_7573 Wine and liquer tasting
IMG_7575 We'll take 6 of those please
IMG_7577 and 2 of those too... (black cherry and almond liquers)
IMG_7582 Car ferry from Orebic to Korcula
IMG_7585 Orebic
IMG_7586 Orebic
IMG_7587 In line for the next car ferry
IMG_7590 Orebic
IMG_7596 Orebic
IMG_7597 Summer picnic
IMG_7599 View from Orebic
IMG_7600 Car ferry
IMG_7605 Room for all
IMG_7606 Lining up for the ferry
IMG_7609 Just in case...
IMG_7610 This looks like a good spot
IMG_7611 Thirsty ?
IMG_7612 Orebic
IMG_7615 Ferrying to Korcula
IMG_7616 Come down from there !
IMG_7617 Loaded to the max
IMG_7619 Orebic