Les Tournels Camping

IMG_9233 This is how much stuff is needed to go camping.  It all fit in a Peugeot 307.
IMG_9241 The guys relaxing after a long day in holiday traffic
IMG_9242 Our pool
IMG_9248 Pool and spa
IMG_9262 Vineyards just outside of our camping
IMG_9264 Vineyards just outside of our camping
IMG_9265 Vineyards just outside of our camping
IMG_9267 These aren't quite ready for stomping
IMG_9273 Apero at the camp restaurant
IMG_9274 Foo Foo drinks and pool is always a good time
IMG_9275 Even when the cue ball is MIA
IMG_9278 Looking out to the Bay of St. Tropez
IMG_9282 Plage de Pampelonne - part of the beach was covered by these deprises
IMG_9284 That's the life
IMG_9285 Plage de Pampelonne
IMG_9291 Plage de Pampelonne - still a little chilly in May
IMG_9301 Bay of St. Tropez
IMG_9304 Bay of St. Tropez
IMG_9399 Fresh salad for lunch
IMG_9400 Salade Composée
IMG_9403 Yes, please take my photo
IMG_9404 Rosé is the specialty of the region
IMG_9405 Our diningroom
IMG_9408 Kitchen
IMG_9410 Max had his own room
IMG_9414 Our room
IMG_9415 Terrace
IMG_9417 Terrace
IMG_9420 Le dog loves camping
IMG_9421 Our Chalet
IMG_9422 This wine's for you
IMG_9426 Cucumber and Avocado salad