Normandie, France

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IMG_7970 Etretat - Church on the cliff
IMG_7972 Etretat
IMG_7973 Etretat
IMG_7975 When can we go for a swim ?
IMG_7979 Etretat
IMG_7980 Etretat
IMG_7989 Etretat
IMG_7993 Etretat
IMG_7995 Etretat
IMG_7999 Etretat
IMG_8003 Etretat
IMG_8006 Etretat
IMG_8008 Etretat - typical normand home
IMG_8009 Etretat - Cidre for the Apéro
IMG_8013 Etretat
IMG_8015 Etretat - a magnificient sunset
IMG_8017 Etretat
IMG_8018 Etretat
IMG_8019 Etretat
IMG_8021 Are you coming ?
IMG_8022 Etretat
IMG_8028 Etretat
IMG_8034 Etretat
IMG_8036 Hey, look this way !
IMG_8038 That's better
IMG_8046 Etretat
IMG_8052 Etretat
IMG_8056 Max relaxes after breakfast in the host's backyard
IMG_8059 Max
IMG_8060 We rented a room in this home of a charming couple
IMG_8061 FĂ©camp
IMG_8065 FĂ©camp
IMG_8067 FĂ©camp
IMG_8070 FĂ©camp
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