Munich, Germany

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IMG_8573 Starkbier (Strong Beer) has arrived at the Augustiner Bierhall
IMG_8574 Lunch at Augustiner - Mushroom pasta
IMG_8575 Can we just eat now ?
IMG_8577 Michaelskirche
IMG_8578 Neue Pinakothek - Works by Van Gogh, Monet, Gauguin and many more
IMG_8589 Neue Pinakothek - one of Van Gogh's Sunflowers
IMG_8599 Neue Pinakothek - Monet's Waterlilies
IMG_8636 Neue Pinakothek - Liebermann's Munich Beer Garden
IMG_8656 Theatinerkirche
IMG_8661 Outside the Residenz Museum
IMG_8668 Residenz Museum - Crown in the Treasury
IMG_8670 Residenz Museum - the Treasury
IMG_8684 Residenz Museum
IMG_8685 Residenz Museum - Charlemagne
IMG_8691 Residenz Museum
IMG_8701 Residenz Museum
IMG_8708 Residenz Museum
IMG_8710 Residenz Museum
IMG_8711 Residenz Museum
IMG_8714 Residenz Museum
IMG_8720 Residenz Museum - Antiquarium
IMG_8723 Residenz Museum - Grotto
IMG_8724 Nationaltheater
IMG_8727 Neues Rathaus
IMG_8728 Neues Rathaus - Glockenspiel
IMG_8734 WeissBier at the Ratskeller
IMG_8735 Lunch at the Ratskeller- Yannick had the Grillwurst Schmankerl which was different types of bratwurst over sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, his favorite meal of the trip
IMG_8736 Lunch at the Ratskeller - and I had the Swiss Roesti - vegetables in a cheese sauce
IMG_8741 Marienplatz and the Neues Rathaus
IMG_8746 Peterskirche
IMG_8747 Peterskirche
IMG_8755 Frauenkirche
IMG_8762 Asamkirche
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